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  Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to the anti-seismic bracket. So, what role does the anti-seismic bracket play in life? Here's an analysis.
  First of all, we start from the content of seismic planning. The structural type selection of buildings requires multiple seismic sites and reasonable transmission ways of seismic action, so that the structure is suitable and has good seismic bearing capacity. During this period, as a primary component of seismic structure, seismic bracket plays a very important role. It can consume and accept certain pressure under certain intensity conditions, such as when an earthquake occurs, to reduce earthquake damage, and then to reduce losses in all aspects, and to maintain personal safety.
  Secondly, starting from the structure of the anti-seismic bracket itself, the anti-seismic bracket is mainly composed of anchor, reinforced suspender, diagonal brace and connecting components. When the device is strengthened, a series of scientific calculations are carried out, such as the adjustment between the suspension screw and anchor of the anti-seismic bracket, the maximum load of the screw and anchor must be greater than the calculated seismic force. It can be seen that the anti-seismic bracket is tightly set up.
  Let's go back to the role of seismic construction. As an important part of it, seismic bracket plays a huge role in seismic construction, which mainly embodies in maintaining building structure, satisfying urban construction, and stabilizing people's minds. To some extent, promoting the development of seismic construction in China is conducive to the stability of social order and infrastructure.
  What is the rationalization of the arrangement of anti-seismic brackets? The main purpose of anti-seismic brackets and hangers is to integrate air conditioning, fire protection, strong and weak electric brackets into a unified anti-seismic bracket system.
  Inductive arrangement and installation of equipment, air duct, cable bridge and various pipelines in large-scale indoor engineering often affect the construction progress, appearance and rational utilization of space of itself and related specialties. The selection and installation of anti-seismic support and hanger are the preconditions to determine whether the inductive arrangement of equipment and pipelines is reasonable and beautiful.
  The optimization planning and installation of indoor support and suspension frame in plant engineering are adapted to local conditions. The aseismic support makes the arrival data of equipment, air duct, cable bridge and various pipeline installations save, compact and beautiful, and the quality is firm and reliable. Together, it provides favorable conditions for the induction of pipeline arrangement.
  When optimizing and summarizing pipelines, evasion principles are formulated which can be followed by many parties.
  1: In summarizing the general principles of the professional pipelines installed on the anti-seismic brackets, which are "on the electric, in the wind and underwater, the small tubes let the large tubes, the pressure tubes let the non-pressure tubes, the weak current avoid the strong electricity, the flexible pipelines let the non-flexible pipelines, the pipelines that need frequent maintenance let the pipelines that need frequent maintenance" be followed, that is, when parallel pipelines are installed, the pipelines of electrical equipment are located at the top, and the ducts of ventilation and air conditioning are located. In the middle, all water pipes are located at the bottom.
  2: Summarize that the professional harmony of support and hanger is good, and the improvement of indoor space elevation has excellent compatibility. Each professional can share a hanger. Making full use of space can make the control of each professional outstanding harmony.
  3: Planning plan and construction atlas with reliable and stable force. All stress-bearing components, steel sections and fasteners (with locking serrated teeth), can achieve rigid cooperation of assembling components, without displacement, step adjustment and accurate positioning. Anti-impact and stir, enhance the shear capacity of support joints.
  4: Seismic support tracking service, real-time guidance in the construction site, puzzle-solving technicians in the field guidance, puzzlement-solving, real-time mechanical verification of the special support and hanger encountered in the construction, as well as the harmony of professional control.
  5: Installation speed is fast, construction period is short, installation speed is 6-8 times of the traditional method, and the cost of manufacturing equipment is reduced by one-half. Various specialties and types of work can be interpolated to improve work efficiency and shorten the construction period.
  6: Long service life, easy maintenance in the later period, according to the special needs of the environment and customers, the materials for different processes are galvanized (cold galvanized), hot galvanized and powder galvanized coatings (sprayed plastic).
  7: The precise products of data budget are standardized semi-finished products, with clear type identification, handling of cooperation standards, and little waste and loss of data and accessories.
  8: Excellent versatility and combination of standard component varieties, available for a variety of choices. The aseismic bracket ensures the convenience, applicability and flexibility of all kinds of brackets under different conditions.
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