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  What environmental protection measures should we pay attention to when using anti-seismic brackets? It is well known that the use of anti-seismic brackets is to protect buildings from the impact of earthquakes and solve practical or potential environmental problems. On the basis of coordinating the relationship between human and environment, it can effectively guarantee the sustainable development of economy and society, but at the same time avoid secondary pollution while utilizing environmental protection.
  In order to use aseismic brackets more environmentally, it is necessary to eliminate them from the source. For example, when manufacturers produce such brackets, they need to be rust-proof and scrubbed to cause secondary pollution to walls and floors. Attention should be paid to installation problems. Generally speaking, this equipment is a simple assembly process in the installation process, so there is no waste, can be said to be very environmentally friendly.
  In order to protect the environment, Xiaobian suggests that after the completion of professional wall construction, garbage left over from construction can be cleaned up in time and recycled effectively. The most important thing is to strengthen the environmental protection education of construction and installation workers, effectively improve the environmental awareness of workers, and make environmental protection measures more appropriate.
  Fire hydrant system adopts hot-dip galvanized steel pipe inside and outside. The main clamping frame for installing pipeline in water level is suspension frame. One anti-sloshing bracket should be installed for each section of main pipe. When the pipeline changes direction, anti-sloshing bracket should be added; in each straight pipe section of the water distribution branch, the suspension bracket between adjacent nozzles should not be less than one, and the anti-sloshing fixing bracket should be able to withstand the total weight and 50% horizontal driving force of the pipeline, parts, valves and water in the pipeline without damage or permanent deformation. The riser shall be provided with anti-sloshing fixing brackets in two directions.
  新萄京8522安装要求; 1)加工应规整,位置应正确,埋设平整牢固。 2)支架与管道连接紧密,固定应牢固。 3)支架不得漏焊、欠焊或焊接裂纹等缺陷。 4)固定在建筑结构上的管道支架,不得影响结构安全。 5)水平支架的间距根据不同材质,按照设计及施工规范要求进行设置。 6)给水立管管卡安装,层高≤5米每层设置一个,层高≥5米,每层安装不得小于2个,管卡安装高度1.5-1.8米。两个以上管卡可匀称安装。 7)当各种管材为综合支架时,综合支架间距取大管设置间距,小管再补充单独的支吊架。 8)管道安装完毕后,应按照要求逐个核对支架的形式、材质位置。 9)型钢加工应尽量采用机械切割,当必须采用气割时,应切割规整。支架开孔时≤Φ12的口径采用台钻开孔,≥Φ12采用气割开孔。 10)吊杆的丝扣伸出螺母的长度应是螺母直径的1/2为宜。 11)支吊架的形式应参照本方案施工。施工中对安装形式如有争议时可另协商调整。 12)倡导使用共用支架。对大面积使用的一些支架宜先做样板,以点带面。
  Installation requirements of anti-seismic brackets; 1) Processing should be regular, location should be correct, laying flat and firm. 2) The bracket is closely connected with the pipeline and should be firmly fixed. 3) The bracket shall not be defective, such as missing welding, underwelding or welding cracks. 4) Pipeline brackets fixed on building structures shall not affect structural safety. 5) The spacing of horizontal support is set according to different materials and design and construction specifications. 6) Installation of water supply riser pipe cards, one for each layer with layer height less than 5 meters and no less than 2 for each layer. Installation height of pipe cards is 1.5-1.8 meters. More than two pipe cards can be installed symmetrically. 7) When all kinds of pipes are composite brackets, the spacing of composite brackets should be set by large pipes and small pipes should be supplemented by separate brackets and hangers. 8) After the installation of the pipeline, the form and material position of the support shall be checked one by one according to the requirements. 9) Mechanical cutting should be used as far as possible in section steel processing. When gas cutting must be used, regular cutting should be adopted. When the bracket opens the hole, the diameter of (12) is drilled by bench drill and (12) is cut by gas. 10) The length of the screw nut of the suspender should be 1/2 of the diameter of the nut. 11) The form of support and hanger shall be constructed with reference to this scheme. In case of disputes over the installation form during construction, adjustments may be made through consultation. 12) Advocate the use of common brackets. Some brackets for large-scale use should be made into models to point and face.
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